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GRAS 146AE Rugged Microphone

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GRAS 146AE Rugged Automotive Microphone


146AE Rugged Automotive Microphone

  • Shock & Drop Resistant
  • Water, Oil and Dustproof (IP67 Rated)
  • High Temperature (250F)
  • Replaceable Filter in Gridcap
  • Power On Indicator
  • Repairable Diaphragm

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The 146AE is the world’s first rugged IEPE microphone set specifically designed to operate reliably in the harsh environments and conditions that you encounter in real life - such as strong vibrations, shock, drop, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions

The rugged design of the 146AE makes it possible to perform many different types of measurement in the same automotive test set up using only a single type of microphone. Not only does this improve your NVH test performance and data quality in rugged conditions, it also extends the lifetime of your measurement set-up. There is no need to repeat costly and time-consuming testing, providing you with efficient, valid data and high performance all at the same time.