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Fluke Ti Series Thermal Imagers


Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • One Gloved Hand Operation
  • IR Fusion® Image Overlay Capability
  • Rugged - withstands 6.5 ft drop
  • Wide Angle & Telephoto Lenses Available
  • Voice Annotation Available
  • Software Included with Free Upgrades

Fluke thermal imagers (sometimes referred to as infrared cameras, thermal cameras, or infrared imagers) capture images of infrared energy or temperature. Using patent-pending IR-Fusion technology, Fluke thermal imagers combine the power of infrared images with visible light images on the same display.

Thermal imaging or thermography, detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects. These changes allow the user to discover problems prior to costly downtime, or monitor developing problems so maintenance can be scheduled during a planned downtime or when budget is available.

See exactly what you are viewing

Fluke IR-Fusion® technology links a real world visual image with a thermal image. It merges the two images into one, with the possibility to blend between the two images or create picture-in-picture combinations. Alarm limits can be superimposed over the visible light image to exactly pinpoint the components exceeding a specified temperature limit. Both the visual images and thermal images are available for use in reports. This speeds up documentation by reducing the need to look for individual images taken with a separate digital camera. IR Fusion helps to better identify and report suspect components and enable the repair to be done right the first time.


Fluke SmartView® software is included with all Fluke Thermal Imagers. This powerful software provides a suite of tools that views, optimizes, annotates, and analyzes IR images. It also generates fully customizable and professional-looking reports with the push of a button or in a few easy steps. The Fluke SmartView software is not only easy to use for customers with basic needs, but it also delivers the performance that advanced users require for detailed analysis and reporting. Software upgrades are free.


  • Displays an array of open images for convenient viewing and analysis
  • Displays the temperature at any given point
  • Optimize images by adjusting level & span, image parameters, add markers, and more!
  • Add annotations to images in the camera or in the PC software
  • Input information such as locations, problem description, recommended actions, and other notes
  • Reference images can be linked together for good/bad and before/after analysis
  • Annotations can be automatically included in reports
  • Review voice annotations captured in the field by the imager

Key differences between Ti models

Model Ti9 Ti10 Ti25 Ti27 Ti29 Ti32
The higher, the better
160 X 120

160 X 120

160 X 120

240 X 180

240 X 180

320 X 240

Temp. Measurement Range -4°F to +482°F -4°F to +482°F -4°F to +662°F -4 °F to -1112 °F -4 °F to -1112 °F -4 °F to -1112 °F
Thermal sensitivity (NETD)
The lower, the better
=0.2 °C (200mk) =0.2 °C (200mk) =0.1 °C (100mk) = 0.05 °C (50 mK) = 0.05 °C (50 mK) = 0.045 °C (45 mK)
IR-Fusion® viewing mode IR Only Full IR, Picture-in-Picture Full IR, Picture-in-Picture, Blending Full IR, Picture-in-Picture, Blending Full IR, Picture-in-Picture, Blending Full IR, Picture-in-Picture, Blending
Emissivity correction In-software Only In-software Only On-board On-board On-board On-board
Voice annotation  - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional lenses - - - Yes Yes Yes
Battery Internal Internal Internal Replaceable (2) Replaceable (2) Replaceable (2)


Home > Products > Industrial > General > Thermal Imaging > Fluke Ti Series Thermal Imagers