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Fluke IR Inspection Windows


Compliance without Compromise
Safety without Sacrifice

  • Safety – Perform IR scans without opening enclosures – virtually eliminating arc flash risk.
  • Speed – Scan a panel in 5 minutes, not 30 minutes. No panel cover removal/replacement.
  • Frequency of inspection – Inspect more often, on your schedule - with instant access.

Avoid Exposure to Arc Flash

Arc Flash Videos

You’ve likely seen the arc flash videos online. If not, they are worth watching (see links to the right). Why open enclosures and expose yourself to arc flash hazards when you don’t have to?

NFPA 70E compliant infrared inspections are time consuming and painful without IR Windows. So skip the headache of lock-out/tag-out, live work permits, and cumbersome PPE.

Fluke IR Windows offer NFPA70E compliance without having to compromise on product performance.

  • ClirVu® optic – Gives your eyes and your camera a clear, unobstructed view
  • AutoGround™ – Effortless compliance with IR Windows grounding requirements
  • Ease of installation – Unlike others, Fluke IR Windows install quickly and easily - mounting to the front of the panel only

Designed and tested to the highest standards, Fluke IR Windows are suitable for use indoors and outdoors at virtually any voltage.

Choose from a comprehensive selection

Fluke offfers three families of windows with multiple models in each family.

  • CLKT for indoor and outdoor applications
  • CLKTO for indoor medium voltage applications
  • CLV for indoor low voltage applications

Home > Products > Industrial > General > Thermal Imaging > Fluke IR Inspection Windows