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Eckel Anechoic Chambers

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  • Full and Hemi Anechoic
  • Choice of Wedge Material & Configuration
  • Portable Chambers and Audiometric Rooms also available

Eckel Industries Inc. designs, fabricates and installs full and hemi-anechoic chambers.  Anechoic Chambers are echo-free enclosures with a sound energy absorption level of 99% to 100%, or a reflected sound pressure level of 10% or less.  Sound absorption is obtained by lining the walls, ceilings, and floor with wedges or other sound absorbing elements or SuperSoft panels, depending on performance level required and cut-off desired.

The wedges can either be applied to existing walls or as part of a complete chamber.  The complete chamber is made of high Transmission Loss steel panel walls to minimize external noise and can be isolated from vibration.