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Laser Vibrometers

Single Point Laser Vibrometer

OMS LaserPoint LP01 Laser Vibrometer

  • Compact, Robust, Field Tested Design
  • Easy Point and Measure Operation
  • No Beam Focusing or Surface Treatment Required
  • Convenient Analog Voltage Output
  • Mature and Proven Technology

Scanning Laser Vibrometer

OMS LS01 Laserscan Scanning Laser

  • Compact, Portable System
  • Programmable Scan
  • No Beam Focusing or Surface Treatment Required
  • Heterodyne Detection for High Measurement Sensitivity
  • Large Variety of Data Analysis and Filtering Options
  • 3D Animation and Visualization of Results
  • Easy-to-Use Point and Measure Operation

Convert Single Point to Scanning Laser Vibrometer

OMS Scanset

  • Compatible with Most Major Brands
  • Complete System
  • Easy to Use Software
  • Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS)
  • Modal Analysis Software Option

Multiple Beam Laser Vibrometer

OMS Multibeam Laser Vibrometer

  • Simultaneous Measurements at all Points
  • Customizable Beam and Optics Configuration
  • High Measurement Sensitivity
  • Rugged Field Tested Design
  • Single Shot Phase Measurement
  • Optional Linear Scanner