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ARTeMIS OMA Software



Output Only Modal Analysis Software

  • Modal Analysis in real life conditions
  • No need for shakers, impact hammers or measurement of input forces
  • Test while object is in operation - no downtime
  • Operational Modal even in the presence of harmonic excitation

The ARTeMIS name stands for Ambient Response TEsting and Modal Identification Software. It covers all the tools an engineer needs to perform a high quality modal analysis without knowing the forces acting on the structure and while the structure is in operation. This technology is in general known as Operational Modal Analysis.

Traditional Modal Analysis requires the input forces that are causing the structure to vibrate are measured. This usually means taking the test object out of service so that other excitation forces that cannot be measured are removed and mounting the object in none realistic conditions in order to isolate it from external vibration. Traditional Modal also requires extra instrumentation such as shakers plus force transducers or instrumented impact hammers. Operational Modal Analysis does not have these requirements because it does not require the input forces be measured. Just measure the vibratory responses of the object during normal operation and let the software extract the natural frequencies, modes shapes, and damping.

ARTeMIS comes in 3 versions with increasing algorithm capabilities. Light is the entry level version and uses the Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD) algorithm. Handy is the Light version plus the Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition (EFDD) algorithm. The Pro version is the most powerful and flexible version because it includes the same frequency domain algorithm as in the Light and Handy versions and adds the Stochastic Subspace Identification (SSI) algorithm which works in the time domain.

Each version can be ordered with or without an annual maintenance agreement which entitles the owner to free support as well as software updates within that period. Discounts are offered to qualifying educational institutions.