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Staff Biographies

Colin O'ConnorColin O'Connor (Sales Engineer - AZ, CO) has a unique combination of "hands-on" experience and formal engineering training. He started as a Automotive Mechanic then was a Telecommunications Technician installing voice/data networks. He later became a Test Engineer for Case Corp., a maker of agricultural and construction equipment, at the Arizona Proving Ground where he operated and maintained the dynamometer facility. His main focus was data acquisition and analysis using various transducers, signal conditioners, telemetry, and data acquisition systems. Colin holds a B.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering from University of Washington.  coconnor@sagetechnologies.com 480.296.9341

SeanSean Norsworthy (Sales Engineer – WA) has 10 years of experience as a systems engineer in the tech industry mostly designing and maintaining infrastructure for large Web sites and enterprise software solutions. He started his career at Weyerhaeuser before moving into online retail. He has a BS in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.
snorsworthy@sagetechnologies.com  425.454.9680

Renee WalterRenee Walter (Customer Support Engineer) prior to joining Sage Technologies, Renee was a Customer Support Engineer for Bruel & Kjaer. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University.
rwalter@sagetechnologies.com 909.528.4737

Dennis SuliszDennis Sulisz (Sales Engineer - MI) has about 30 years of NVH testing experience. He has held various engineering and management positions at General Motors, SDRC, Ricardo, and Simulation Techniques. He also has sales experience culminating in his position as VP of Sales and Marketing at Ricardo, an engineering consulting company. His specialties are Automotive NVH and Structural Dynamics. Dennis earned his BSME at General Motors Institute and MSME at University of Cincinnati.  dsulisz@sagetechnologies.com 248.390.9359 

marilyn 2011Marilyn Wee Sit (Sales Engineer - S. CA) has over 22 years of experience in the sound and vibration field. She was a Customer Support Engineer and a Field Applications Engineer for Bruel & Kjaer where she taught acoustics and vibration courses. Marilyn has also held various positions at the General Motors Technical Center. She has a B.S. in Industrial Administration from General Motors Institute and has completed post baccalaureate courses in Mechanical Engineering. Her specialties are acoustical measurements. mweesit@sagetechnologies.com 310.779.7873 

Evro Wee SitEvro T. Wee Sit (Technical Specialist) has more than 30 years of experience in the testing field. He was a Field Applications Engineer for Bruel & Kjaer, a Test Engineer at the General Motors Technical Center, and an independent Noise & Vibration Consultant. Evro has taught courses in acoustics, vibration measurements, modal analysis, accelerometers, and signal processing. He serves on the advisory board of the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC) and co-chairs the Instrumentation & Sensors Technical Division of IMAC. He has a B.S. in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering from General Motors Institute. eweesit@sagetechnologies.com 310.503.7890

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