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Sonascreen Acoustic Camera by Sonotec

Sonotec Sonascreen

Sonascreen Acoustic Camera

  • Leak Detection, Partial Discharge Localization, and Buzz, Squeak & Rattle
  • Shifts Ultrasound to Audible Range for Listening on Headphones
  • Adjustable Filters for Easier Source Location
  • Up to 100 KHz Bandwidth
  • Archiving and Reporting PC Software
  • Well Priced

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The handheld acoustic camera SONASCREEN generates acoustic images from both the audible and ultrasound frequency range. The device locates sound sources in real time and displays the results immediately on the screen. Furthermore, the camera provides audible feedback through industrial headphones. We make ultrasound audible and visible.


Leak Detection

Partial Discharge Detection

Sonotec Sonascreen for Leak Detection Sonotec Sonascreen for Partial Discharge
  • Broadband ultrasound
  • Adjustable bandpass filter to adapt industrial environments with disturbing ultrasound
  • Show multiple leaks in one image
  • Reporting software for complete leak detection audits
  • Provide a gross loss estimation
  • Detect partial discharge in the ultrasonic range
  • Recognize typical forms of partial discharge in the spectrogram
  • Show multiple partial discharges in one image
Home > What's New > Sonascreen Acoustic Camera by Sonotec