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Microflown Gen 2 Intensity and Particle Velocity Probe

Microflown Gen 2 PU Regular

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  • Extended Frequency Range
  • Improved Visual Tracking
  • Field Calibration
  • More Robust Design

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The frequency range of a traditional two microphone sound intensity probe is limited by microphone spacing and phase matching.  On the high end, the limitation is caused by the attempt to approximate particle velocity.  On the low end, the precision of the phase measurement between the microphones is the limiting factor.

The Microflown probe measures particle velocity directly and does not require such precise phase measurements. It does not suffer the same limitations as the two microphone probe and has a wider frequency range. Microflown's Gen 1 probe covers 20 Hz - 10 KHz in the same measurement without having to change microphone spacing. Gen 2 further improves the range from 20 Hz - 15 KHz.


A popular application of the Microflown probes is to couple it with the Scan & Paint system to create spatial maps of the sound field. This is done by scanning the surface while a camera tracks the position of the probe. In the past, colored tape had to be placed on the probe for the camera to know the position of the probe. But this could be challenging if areas of the background were the same color as the tape.

The Gen 2 probe no longer has this difficulty. It has embedded IR lights which are tracked by a new IR camera. The camera can also see visible light so the position of the probe can be overlaid with the measurement object. This can be viewed in real-time without the step of recording then post processing thus minimizing the need to take and retake scans.

Microflown Gen 2 Probe with IR lights


The Gen 1 probe could only be calibrated at a calibration lab. The Gen 2 probe can now be calibrated in the field with the new Microflown Sound Calibrator and adapter. The process is much like calibrating a standard 1/2" pressure microphone. Insert the probe into the calibrator and turn on the calibrator.

Microflown Probe Calibrator


In the Gen 1 design, the particle velocity and pressure sensors were protected by fine mesh screen wrapped around the probe body. The Gen 2 design moves the screen behind a more robust structure.

Microflown Gen 1 PU Probe Microflown Gen 2 PU Probe

Gen 1

  • 20 Hz - 10 KHz
  • No Field Calibration
  • No IR Tracking
  • Less Robust

Gen 2

  • 20 Hz - 15 KHz
  • Field Calibration Available
  • IR Tracking
  • More Robust
Home > What's New > Microflown Gen 2 Intensity and Particle Velocity Probe